So today, while working at my usual bubble tea store, a man (let’s just call him Looney) with one lazy eye and 4 front teeth came in. He pull out some gold chain (real or not) and asked if anyone wanted to buy some 14k gold. Looney then started hitting on my female co worker, then went on to me..
Looney:”Aye! You pretty!”
Looney:”So you wanna buy gold chainz?”
Me:”Nah, it’s okay..”
Looney:”Ya married?”
Me:(Wanting to brush him off) *nod head*
Looney:”Dang! I can cook tho! Some good ass fried chicken, you’d be licking all yo fingers!”
Looney proceeded to lick all his fingers, after he made a fist and then put his whole fist in his mouth. Thats when one of my guy co-worker decided to kick the man out… and escorted Looney out of the store while his whole hand was still in his mouth.
-Yea… my job can be pretty interesting-